Request for Proposals for Lobbying and Legislative Services

I. Program Descriptions

The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians (“Band”) requests proposals from interested professional Lobbying and Legislative Service firms (“Lobbyist”) who specialize in legislative services before the State of California elected and appointed officials, governing bodies, agencies, departments, offices and other (“State Governmental Entities”).

The Band is a federally recognized Indian tribal government vested with inherent sovereign power to exclusively regulate its lands and affairs within the exterior boundaries of the Rincon Reservation.  The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians occupies a 5,000-acre reservation in Valley Center, located in San Diego County, CA. Recognized in 1875 as a sovereign government by the United States of America, the Rincon Band has powers equal to a city, county, or state. Rincon has a “Trust Relationship” with the federal government, and, like state governments, is responsible for enforcing all applicable federal laws on the reservation, from environmental to taxation.

The Band was established in 1875 and acts through a five-person democratically elected Tribal Council vested with broad legislative and executive powers under the Articles of Association of the San Luiseño Band of Mission Indians of the Rincon Reservation, Valley Center California.  As the law-making body of the Band, the Tribal Council is responsible for legislative enactments that establish various tribal agencies to administer and regulate Rincon Reservation affairs, including the delivery of services in program and/or department areas such as education, health and elder care, fire and safety, law enforcement, social welfare, natural resources and environmental regulation.  In addition, adult members of the General Council from time to time serve on various committees to implement Band laws and policies relating to subjects such as enrollment, elections, grievance, cultural preservation, land use, donations and various improvements on the Reservation.  In addition to exercising its sovereign right to self-government, the Band also acts in a commercial capacity through the operation of a Class III gaming and hotel facility on the Reservation and wholly-owns two federally-chartered corporations to pursue economic development activities unrelated to gaming on and off the Reservation.   For more information about the Rincon Band, please visit:

II. Scope of Services: Lobbyist

The scope of work for the Lobbyist will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Provide lobbying and Legislative services before State of California elected and appointed officials, governing bodies, agencies, departments, office and others (“State Governmental Entities”);
  2. Secure sponsors for bills, codes, resolutions, amendments and /or other legislation or regulation as necessary to accomplish Rincon’s legislative objectives and goals;
  3. Advocate Rincon’s priorities and issues to State Governmental Entities, and identify and advise Rincon regarding areas of potential concerns and/or opportunities for obtaining passage of Rincon’s legislative priorities and other matters which from time to time, may arise;
  4. Perform legislative advocacy services in a manner the Lobbyist believes to be in compliance with applicable rules of ethics and professional obligations including, but not limited to, conflict of interest considerations;
  5. Attend strategy meetings with Council members, educate and develop legislative outreach materials for use by Tribal Council, schedule legislative meetings/events for Council officers and members, attend legislative committee meetings, briefings and hearings on legislative matters important to Rincon;
  6. Submit written reports to Council Members regarding activities of the Lobbyists, tracking of bills and progress on Rincon’s legislative priorities or other assigned matters;
  7. Timely disclose and submit all reports to Rincon staff as required under the California Political Reform Act.
  8. Perform professional duties and obligations, and services to Rincon in a skillful and respectable manner and follow communication protocols established by Council during the term of service.

III. Proposal Guidelines

A. Minimum Qualifications

All Lobbyists responding to this RFP must be registered with the California Secretary of State and have at least 7 years professional work experience, including prior experience with governmental organizations and no violations of the Political Reform Act of 1974, as amended. 

B. Content of Proposals

Responses should be limited to 6 pages (excluding attachments and appendices) using a typeface font of no less than 12 pitch.  Address the following items in responding to this Request for Proposals.


Briefly describe your professional experience information with emphasis on work with governmental organizations.  Please include a summary of your scope of work, including project names, client and location, the nature and scope of work provided and the date and length of the project.


Briefly describe your proposed approach to the scope of work described in Section II above, the format for your recommendations and/or deliverables and a schedule for completion of the scope of work.


Please describe your experience, and include details for demonstrated successes in passing legislation.  If you have experience lobbying on behalf of Indian County, please include details.


Please describe the qualifications of the relevant personnel, if any, who would assist you with your work and the role he or she may have in completing the scope of work.


Please provide five references in writing, three from governmental organizations for which you have provided information Lobbying Consulting services and two from existing clients and/or peers who are familiar with your body of work.


Lobbyist interested in providing the above-referenced services must provide a flat rate fee for services per month.

C. Delivery

The Band will accept Request for Proposals by e-mail only. All submissions must be received by COB February 26, 2021. Any questions may be directed to Suzette Hernandez, Tribal Council Liaison (760) 749-1051 ext. 375.

E-mail Address: Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians c/o Suzette Hernandez, Tribal Council Liaison,
Subject:  Lobbying and Legislative Services Request for Proposals

IV. Proposal Evaluation

Consultants will be evaluated based on the following criteria (not listed in order of importance):

A. Qualifications and experience of the professional;
B. Capability and availability to complete the scope of work; and
C. Past experience on governmental organizations, as well as any tribal government projects.