The Rincon Reservation was created in 1875 by President Ulysses Grant for the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians which was recognized by the United States Government as a sovereign government.  This comes in part from the fact that long before the Europeans arrived, the ancestors of the Rincon people governed themselves as a sovereign people, creating social, political, spiritual, economic, and agricultural systems.

Today, as it did then, sovereignty comes with obligations and responsibilities to govern and provide for the Rincon tribal members. When the people were placed on the reservation, they were deprived of the vast majority of their ancestral territory and natural resources, and the Rincon Band was forced to rely on the federal government for financial support to fulfill these obligations and responsibilities. Support from the federal government was meager at best, and progress on the reservation, when it existed at all, was slow.

That began to change in 2002 when the tribe entered into the casino gaming industry and built its casino and hotel. With revenues from the casino, the tribal government was able to begin providing for the people by offering basic services such as health care, law enforcement, fire protection, and infrastructure improvements.