Rincon Economic Development Corporation (REDCO)

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery Rolls Out New Beer Cans

Mission Statement

The Rincon Economic Development Corporation (REDCO) is dedicated to serving our Tribal community by creating profitable businesses on or near the RINCON reservation.


The Rincon Economic Development Corporation (REDCO) is a Section 17 Corporation wholly owned by the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians and was launched in 2009 to engage in any business and promote the economic development of the Rincon Band. The long-term goal is to generate revenue and jobs through businesses on or near the Rincon reservation which promotes Tribal economic self-sufficiency. Currently the REDCO portfolio consists of the following enterprises.  

Rincon Travel Plaza was opened in 2012 and has a 7-Eleven convenience store, gas station, car wash and a Subway Sandwich shop. The Travel Plaza serves hotel guests, Harrah’s employees, travelers and local community members.

The Travel Plaza consists of three successful partnerships which include the first 7-Eleven franchise ever located on an Indian reservation, an agreement with a Native American fuel supplier and a Subway Sandwich franchise.

Rincon Reservation Road Brewery. In 2016, REDCO developed the first Native American owned brewery in Southern California, where beers are brewed on a custom-built system. For consumers, the brewmaster makes a hoppy low-alcohol beer. All batches use quality and local ingredients.

The REDCO brand involves recognition of Rincon’s overall message. The colors and design elements are woven with Luiseno design. Examples of our successful brand can be seen and tasted at the tasting-room located west of Harrah’s Resort. Future plans include craft beer distribution within San Diego county.