Rincon Finance

Mission Statement

Rincon Finance is dedicated to providing quality services by maintaining a positive and respectful work environment and promoting fiscal responsibility through a timely release of accurate financial information to all we serve.

Department Overview

It is the guiding principle of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians to pursue their business goals through the accurate and well-organized use of financial information. It is the responsibility of Rincon Finance to develop, publicize, and administer the timely economics that supports financial opportunity.

We publish reports that are accurate and timely. Our mission is accomplished by following established standards and methodologies for collecting, processing, and disseminating the data needed to measure actual performance against approved budget. Data for departments, committees, capital projects and federal programs is collected, processed and published in a standardized manner and then reviewed quarterly with departments, the business committee and Tribal membership. The accuracy and timeliness of financial reports are subject to annual testing by independent outside auditors.

Rincon Finance has a long and successful record of supporting Business Committee objectives by providing cost-effective analytics that assist in the decisions of where best to employ Rincon assets. This department will continue to partner in developing and executing the Business Committee’s strategic goals, support the many and various governmental components, departments, committees and projects necessary to meet the needs of the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians.