Rincon Recreation, Education and Youth Services Department (REY’S)

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Rincon Recreation, Education and Youth Services (REYS) Department to promote healthy living, wellness, and knowledge; build a culture that embraces education, recreation, and Tribal traditions; and offer diverse programs, provide Member use of recreational facilities, and develop community activities with the vision to improve the quality of life for all Tribal Members.

Department Overview

The Rincon Recreation, Education and Youth Services Department (REYS) combines the efforts of both education and recreation to provide a more holistic approach to youth enrichment.  REYS provides an afterschool tutorial program for grades 1-12 supported by certified tutors and retired high school teachers. REYS also tutors onsite at Rincon Middle School during lunch hours to provide students with extra assistance. REYS offers support for parents by attending IEP meetings, if they would like, or by helping them navigate different issues and processes at the school district.  In the summertime, REYS provides a four-week academic program to support student learning and introduce them to a host of elective courses.

On the recreation side of REYS, the staff provides outside play and physical activity opportunities each day when students have completed their homework. They also coach Rincon teams within the Inter Tribal Sports Program, playing sports such as softball, basketball, flag football and cheer. 

During the summertime recreation staff provide a four-week drop-in program filled with sports, crafts and games. And each Friday throughout the summer, they take the youth on trips to local amusement parks, baseball games and entertainment venues allowing them an opportunity to unwind from the academic year.

REYS also offers services for adults. On the education side, there is a computer lab available for adults who are enrolled in college or looking for some career counseling assistance. They also handle the Rincon Education Scholarship Program for Tribal members and lineal descendants who are enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education or technical/vocational education. On the recreation side, REYS sponsors Rez League Softball and an Elders Chair Volleyball team. 

REYS works to bring enrichment to the entire family through its special events at Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, and Halloween. They are also in charge of renting the sports complex facilities for team practices, birthday parties, tournaments and various events for Rincon families.  REYS services staff work to provide Rincon youth and adults with opportunities and fun-filled activities throughout the year.