Small Tribe, Huge Impact

New Study Shows the Rincon Tribe Drives Regional Economy

Valley Center, CA… A new Economic Impact Study reveals Rincon’s tremendous positive impact across southern California and throughout San Diego County.

In 2018, Rincon generated more than $350 million in total economic output, supporting nearly 3,500 jobs and providing an additional $20 million in tax revenue.

Notably, this study shows a significant increase in overall impact since the previous study in 2013. Continuing this impressive rate of growth, Californians will benefit from an additional $735 million in economic impact through 2020.

“This study confirms we’re providing great value to our people, our local communities and all Californians,” said Rincon Tribal Chairman Bo Mazzetti. “Indian gaming provides a solid foundation for mutual value, and we will continue to build on proven success that reflects our core values of vision, unity and perseverance.”

The Tribe has also invested heavily to support diverse organizations and charities whose goals include comprehensive healthcare, preserving San Diego’s resources and assisting military veterans. In total, the Tribe donated over $860,000 to more than 60 worthy causes in 2018.

The economic engine driving this explosive growth is Harrah’s Resort Southern California, owned by the Tribe and operated by Caesars Entertainment Corporation on Tribal lands.

 “The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians is thriving, and this report underscores the critical impact we continue to make by generating good paying jobs, impressive economic activity and major tax revenue,” added Rincon Vice Chair Tishmall Turner. “We look forward to continued growth and cooperation that benefit all Californians.”

The study was conducted by Beacon Economics, an independent research and consulting firm, to analyze the economic and fiscal contributions The Tribe makes to California, San Diego and, specifically, the 49th, 50th and 52nd Congressional districts.

2018 economic outputs in the 49th, 50th and 52nd Congressional districts were $179.7 million, $88.3 million and $12.6 million respectively.   More information can be found at:

About the Rincon Tribe

The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians is a sovereign government recognized by the United States of America. The Tribe owns Harrah’s Resort Southern California and uses profits from this and other commercial enterprises to provide government services including police and environmental enforcement; economic development; healthcare and culture programsand a tribal court. At no cost to taxpayers, Rincon’s public safety operations respond to emergencies in the neighboring communities, with more than a majority of calls generating outside the Reservation. Rincon’s tribal enterprises are significant contributors to the North San Diego County economy through job creation, tax generation, purchase of local products and services and charitable donations.

About Beacon Economics

Founded in 2007, Beacon Economics, an LLC and certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with the state of California, is an independent research and consulting firm dedicated to accurate, insightful, and objectively- based economic analysis. Leveraging unique proprietary models, vast databases, and sophisticated data processing, the company’s specialized practice areas include sustainable growth and development, real estate market analysis, economic forecasting, industry analysis, economic policy analysis and economic impact studies. Beacon Economics equips its clients with the data and analysis required to understand the significance of on-the-ground realities and to make informed business and policy decisions.