Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach efforts are included as a component of most of the Rincon Environmental Department’s programs. Education and outreach efforts can include the production and distribution of brochure and informational pamphlets, the organization of community events and presentations, or the development of website content or multimedia materials such as film clips

The Department hosts and participates in annual community events such as Clean Up Day and Earth Day, and prepares community informational leaflets and brochures on various environmental to pics.

Education and outreach efforts often help improve the effectiveness of and community participation in environmental programs. For instance, elevating awareness of programs such as Rincon C.A.R.E.S within the community is essential prior to the implementation of this annual program. It is important that the community is made aware that the program ‘s primary intent is to maintain the health and safety of the community by enhancing clean up efforts and educating tribal members on the importance of protecting the environment.

The Rincon Environmental Department has prepared an Outreach Plan for the department that acts as a planning document for outreach efforts.

The purpose of the Outreach Plan is to develop community engagement strategies that provide structure and focus for the strategic planning and management of the Rincon Environmental Department’s outreach efforts. This Plan is intended to provide overall direction to guide the selection of project outreach efforts and decision-making, which is accomplished by evaluating issues, opportunities, needs and goals and establishing major objectives to be met within specific timeframes, and providing a means to track and measure progress and performance. This planning effort also assists Department personnel in understanding how outreach plans for specific projects fit within the context of the greater long term goals of the Department and helps guide the allocation of limited resources (both financial and human).

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