Solid Waste Management

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The Rincon Tribe believes that the protection of human health and the environment can be effectively balanced with economic and residential development on Tribal lands in a manner that honors the earth, people, plants, animals, and waters. The 2018 Rincon Tribal Environmental Plan (TEP) describes waste and hazardous materials management as being one of the Tribe’s highest priorities.

The Rincon Environmental Department’s solid waste program endeavors to maintain and improve Tribal environmental quality by implementing a cost-effective and efficient waste management program that is accessible to all residents and meets the needs of the Tribal community.

Curbside Trash Collection

The Tribally run curbside trash collection service is operated by Rincon General Services and offers several competitive advantages, including convenient billing, flexible, quality service, and low cost. It creates jobs, is community-focused, and contributes to self-sufficiency.

Recycle, Reduce, and Re-use

The Rincon Environmental Department encourages environmentally sound waste management practices that promote resource conservation through recycling, recovery, reduction, clean up, and elimination of waste.

Since 2010 the Rincon Tribe has promoted recycling by encouraging reservation residents to deposit plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper and cardboard in a mobile recycling trailer (known by residents as “Bubba”) that is regularly moved by Rincon General Services to several different locations on the reservation convenient to residents.

Transfer Station

Rincon’s Transfer Station is available for Tribal Members living both on and off the reservation to bring household hazardous waste, tires, electronic wastes, glass, tires, green waste and residential trash. Rincon General Services operates the Transfer Station two days per week (currently Thursdays and Saturdays).

The Rincon Environmental Department obtains funding from the U.S. EPA and schedules disposals for accumulated household hazardous waste, electronic waste, and tires several times per year, and hosts in-person events during the year such as Clean-Up Day.


Discarding organic materials as waste impacts our environment, energy use, and economy, taking up landfill space and contributing to increased greenhouse gas emissions. Organic materials can instead be turned into viable new products, including mulch, compost, fuel, and electricity, helping to create locally-based jobs and supporting local and regional economies.

Rincon Environmental Department personnel are presently participating in composting training and a composting plan is being produced to guide the effective development and management of a pilot composting project. This pilot project would enable the building of a smaller-scale composting program to test the logistics of possibly developing a larger community program in the future, while building support among tribal departments, staff, and the community.

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