Rincon C.A.R.E.S

The purpose of the Rincon C.A.R.E.S program is to protect Rincon’s sacred land and culture by improving the safety of the reservation and protecting the vital water supply. Clean up efforts are encouraged and concurrent educational outreach efforts are designed to stress the importance of protecting the environment.

The first year of this Tribal program ran from 2019-2020 (the COVID pandemic hit right before the final group of homes were inspected). Inspections were conducted by the Public Safety Department. The second year of this program is anticipated to begin in Summer 2022. Environmental Department personnel will be carrying out these inspections.

In 2022 inspections of the exterior of every structure on the reservation will be conducted checking for unsafe electrical connections, hazardous solid waste accumulations, improper water connections, unlawful dwellings, and disconnected, non-existent, poorly performing, or failed septic systems. The goal of these inspections is to identify and remedy unlawful and uninhabitable dwellings, safety hazards, health risks, and preventable fire hazards.

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